Products|Metal hose assemblies

Our metal hose assemblies are manufactured using mechanically and hydraulically formed corrugated pipes, made of stainless steel and special alloys. Those products are mainly customized, means designed and manufactured to customer’s requirements, considering valid international standards and PED. With nearly infinite options in terms of different materials, pressure ratings, dimensions (DN3 – DN300) and connections, with those products we are able answering almost all requirements of highest complexity, such as:

– High pressure connections up to working pressures of 400bar
– Connections for cryogenic applications as well as for high temperature conditions
– Connections of highest flexibility for outstanding dynamic requirements
– Systems, highly resistant to corrosion and to abrasion
– Systems, highly resistant to vibrations

Those products meet all the requirements to be used in various industrial applications, for example to be used in combustion engines (diesel), plant engineering, industrial gas production, conveyance of highly abrasive and corrosive flows, heating, ventilating and air conditioning.